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Our mission is to accelerate the growth of companies with high-quality and convenient recruiting solutions.

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About Us

At Grey Stone Recruiting, we specialize in helping small to medium-sized enterprises find the best sales and marketing talent. We recruit for software, logistics, and healthcare companies all over the United States. We are based out of Los Angeles and currently have 15 people on our team.
We believe that healthy things grow. This is why our only priority when placing candidates is to find them a company with similar values where they can excel. Matching the culture of the company with the candidate is what allows us to make long lasting placements where companies and candidates can grow together.
We love working with expanding companies, because it is such an exciting time for us all. Being able to find younger companies amazing sales and marketing talent that will help their company grow for years to come is why we do it. Whether it be taking care of all the recruiting and hiring needs of a start-up, or devising a talent acquisition and expansion strategy for a seasoned business, we are extremely passionate about helping our clients and candidates grow to their full potential.
We started this because we were tired of the automated recruiting process. We believe that the only way to effectively find companies the right people is to truly learn about both parties, and maintain full transparency with them the entire time. With an immense amount of experience in both sales and marketing, we are able to identify what a role truly requires and who would be a great fit.
With an extremely high client satisfaction rate and 100’s of placements made, we’re planning to open more offices this year in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.
We would love to learn more about your company and recruiting needs, or help you find a job opportunity where you can reach your full potential. Please sign up below to schedule a call with us to learn more.

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